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Welcome back to Reveal's private browsing mode detection test! Follow the instructions below to do the test. Here are your results:


  1. A token has been set in the browser's local storage.
  2. Open a new browser tab in this window.
  3. Close all other tabs in this window where you have Reveal open.
  4. Paste the following link into that tab:
    (I'm sorry if you're on a mobile device.)
  5. Check there for the results.

You are probably in private browsing mode.

  • Local storage was cleared.

How does this work?

In private browsing mode, the browser sandboxes each tab. In other words, it tries to isolate every tab so that cookies and data stay separated.

The previous page set a token in the browser local storage. If the token is no longer there for this new page, the browser must be sandboxing the tabs.

It seems that the link you are coming from has been corrupted. Please go to .

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